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woven Waratahs

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

woven waratah flower by sara kian-judge autistic artist

The Waratah is a stunning, large red flower who is Indigenous to the south-eastern parts of these unceded lands now known as 'Australia'.

Waratahs are actually a small shrub, but their large red flowers get all the attention during their short yearly blossoming period. The large, bright red flowers are an easily and immediately recognisable part of the vegetation communities who make up south-eastern Country.

woven waratah flower by sara kian-judge autistic artist

My woven Waratahs are made with combinations of raffia, recycled paper cord and wool fibres to achieve different shapes and textures. They sit flat on surfaces or can be attached to just about anything simply by tying or stitching them on.

With great love, gratitude, admiration and respect, I acknowledge my weaving teacher Ngiyaampaa-Wongaibon woman and master weaver Aunty Daniella Chedzey-King, whose patient mentoring and sharing of her original woven Eucalyptus Flower design inspired and equipped me to make these Waratahs.

woven waratah flower by sara kian-judge autistic artist

*Artworks and images of artworks belong to Sara Kian-Judge 2020.

**Waratahs were originally made in 2020 during a community workshop of First Nations women who collectively wove flowers for the Unsettled exhibition at the Australian Museum 2021. You can find out more about this important truth-telling exhibition by clicking here.

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