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Upside-Down People by Sara Kian-Judge

Upside-Down People: Bats & Autism 

Commissioned by The Capitol,  RMIT Culture & Zoos Victoria.

Film-based production combining multi-sensory art-making & videography* to explore autism awareness & autistic perspectives on Bat conservation issues. Production features sound & performance art, sensory materials, reflection & shadow projections, audience interaction, hand-drawn animations, storytelling, and layered moving images.

*Supported by neurodivergent videographers from

Melbourne Polytechnic & Youthworx.

Upside-Down People: A Listening Story 

Commissioned for Species On-Stage, Australian Museum.

Exhibited in Future Fables: Lessons From Other Animals by The Center for Humans & Animals, Chicago Illinois.

Audio-only artwork combining sound effects & storytelling to take listeners on a journey into the surprisingly entangled worlds of autistic experiences and Bat conservation issues.

Upside-Down People A Listening Story by Sara Kian-Judge
autistic animals proprioceptive art by Sara Kian-Judge

Autistic Animals 

Footscray Art Prize Finalist 2023.

PhD Creative Arts - Graphic Comic Thesis Style Studies.

Series of proprioceptive line drawings on black paper expressing parallels between distorted views towards autistic people & unloved animals like Bats & Sharks.


Drawings are made by imagining the self & the animal in relationship, then closing eyes and drawing using proprioceptive senses of where & how the body is imagined.

The Journey of Burra 

In collaboration with Jodie Austin, Kiara Rodriguez-Hextall & Studio Gilay.

Commissioned for Burra Learning Place, Australian Museum.

Author of original story about Burra - a baby Eel whose life journey takes her all around the south-eastern salt & fresh waters, learning about life along the way. The Journey of Burra was animated by Jodie Austin & Kiara Rodriguez-Hextall.

Burra Title Screen.jpg
Burra Learning Place Space concept art by Sara Kian-Judge

Burra Learning Place

Story Inc & Australian Museum.

Conceptual design & content production of multi award-winning* interactive education exhibit. Burra Learning Place brings together Aboriginal, Pacific Islands, & Western science knowledges in a many-ways learning journey experience. I am particularly proud of my contributions to accessibility - for which the exhibition achieved world-class disability access scores. 

*Australian Museums and Galleries Association 2023 Winner - Interpretation, Learning & Audience Engagement; Museums & Galleries of NSW 2023 Winner - Exhibition Project at Major Institution.

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