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9 #metoo (SUPPORT)

#metoo (support) by S. Kian-Judge, Gubaa (Stringybark Tree) & Guraaman (Kurrajong Tree) 2021

no matter what

they believe,

no matter what

they say,

no matter how much

they love you...

they will never

understand why

we can't forget,

how it changes us,

or the courage

it takes to both

speak and stay


they will never

truly understand

that safety is a myth

and justice is a

box to be ticked,

filed and forgotten.

I am a survivor,

and I believe you.

I will hold you

or hold space

for you.

I will cry with you,

scream with you,

rage with you,

feel sick with you,

and be afraid

with you.

then together, we

will remember that

we are Women.

we have no one,

not really, but

ourselves and

each other.

we will twine

Kurrajong and


into strong rope;

weaving over

Mountains, and

out to Sea.

one piece alone

snaps easily,

but women together -


*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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