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7 everyday warrior (BELONGING)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

everyday warrior (belonging) by S. Kian-Judge, Banggu (Bat), Djamalung (Platypus) & Rakali (Water Rat) 2021




intersectional warrior.

the Tide flows in

diverted directions, some Fish

never get their turn.

where to belong when your

shape doesn’t fit your skin?

i belong to Country.

little bit Mammal, little bit Bird;

Bat Spirit vibrating, flying

between two worlds.

little bit Rat, little bit Duck;

Platypus daughter carrying

Grandfathers Spear,

Grandmothers Shield.

but only ever

a mob of my own,

wandering the Rainbow Rivers

from Mountains to Sea.

sometimes I feel like

I don’t belong…

I don’t fit comfortably.

but neither does Platypus.

or Bat. or Sea Lion.

split between worlds,

they live whole –

celebrating their ‘weird’

with every breath!

everyday warrior…

fighting to be as I am.

swimming against that

monotonous, violent Tide.

scorched by the Sun.

battered by Storms.

tossed by Wind, Wave, Current

and ear-splitting jet skis.

facing battles of mind and

body, memory and being –

every. day.

it never stops at the intersection

of many worlds and only

two bare feet – webbed,

hook clawed and flippered.

everyday warrior… surviving.

overcoming. shooting through

Water and Sky carrying

warm Winds on my fingertips

and Salt in my nose.

Grandfather Rat –

my worth is my Spear;

Grandmother Duck –

Country is my Shield.

though I may always be

between two worlds,

what more could I need?

standing strong with love,

mob of Ancestors at my back,

I am an everyday warrior

fighting to fly free like Bats

from upside down places -

Never alone.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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