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6 tangled (AGENCY)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

tangled (agency) by S. Kian-Judge, Dthaaman (Fig) & the Ruaha Lioness pride 2021

why did the Figs

tangle us together,

Lioness and Buffalo?

sometimes, I can smell

the dust of the Sun…

feel far away

wrapped around

me like a warm day…

taste the laughter that

drips from your lips

into the darkness

of my discomfort.

the Lions are roaring again…

you want more than I can give.

against my nature

you swallow me whole,

eat me alive, greedily

devour everything that

makes me who I am.

tell me how you love me

so my voiceless heart

can break the silence

with the beating beast

it often becomes.

you’ll never understand

this thing that I am.

this hungry predator,

this stalking mind,

this endless, roaring night.

why did the Figs

tangle us together?

why did their Roots sink

through the Earth,

reaching from my side

to yours, entwining me

in your unyielding snare?

why did the Figs

tangle us together

to remind me that

I am not ready for

another dominating bull

at my den door?

Buffalo, run away

with your herd…

Lioness is hunting

With her pride.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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