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2 spirit yarn (COURAGE)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

spirit yarn (courage) by S. Kian-Judge & Djamalung Platypus 2021

we had a yarn

where dreaming reflects

River, Rock, and Reeds.

a Spirit yarn

where Sun shines

behind closed eyes,

and we are most awake.

Platypus was there

in my camp, on my chest...

heart beating on heart.

her Grandmother rhythms

danced like young girls:

from the belly

with a stinging stomp!

Platypus was the Me

who is also Them -

all my Ancestors

bundled together into

odd, strange, perfectly

imperfect Sara.

Nan Platypus warned me

you'd be here,

so you were. but not

how I remember...

disarmed, your Spear

cracked loudly over

my knee, the pieces

fell to Country where

they belong.

drunk slurry of words spilt

From your bone-dry lips,

collision cracks where

Weeds grow like excuses

To choke the tongue

That told me trauma.

but you are so small here

where we are measured

by Spirit and heart.

how could I ever

have feared you?

little man with

hands too small to hold

the great Women

whose quiet power

you greedily snatch.

this time, silence is

strength. I gaze into

your madness - no longer

seeing my face in

your dirty Water.

my Rivers teem

with Platypuses.

my Skies swarm

with Bats.

I know my Lore, and

I know the Law.

we had a yarn...

your Spirit and mine.

I saw who you are

for the first time.

I felt sorry for you…

but I do not care.

I have cared enough.

I'm going for a swim


*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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