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19 weaving a warrior (RESISTANCE)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

why do shitty people seem

to come out on top, while those

they harm are forever pushed down

back onto the ground?

why are their hands full with favour,

while our noses are rubbed

in the muddy scraps?

I’m tired of being resilient!

tired of hoping that one day

I’ll get up off the ground

and stay up.

but they hold us down.

if this is how it’s going to be, fine.

won’t be resilient, I’ll be resistant!

I’ll breathe in the wet Soil,

flick Sand up into tearless eyes!

I’ll fight this silencing, reject it

from the lowly bottom up,

rot their weedy Roots away

with my warrior song.

singing out to my Ancestors -

“remind me who I am,

the Woman I’m meant to be!”

I am Bird feather. Bat wing.

Black Snake scales polished to

iridescence by obsidian tears,

Rainbow Serpent armour.

Platypus spur. Lioness step.

Sea Lion tooth nipping

at the toes of tomorrow to

swim faster, catch up or be

swallowed by hungry Sharks

tired of waiting to be seen.

we live in a world where the

bad guys are protected, excused.

it can be hard to stand tall.

but friends, remember this:

the Fire that burns also glows,

the Water that drowns also flows,

the Wind that breaks also blows,

the Earth that weeps also grows.

we weave ourselves into warriors

when we fly towards the Sun

instead of hiding behind

Moon Shadows – she’s been our

silver Aunty, but we are golden too.

it’s time to stop orbiting

unjust worlds and become what

worlds orbit around.

we have mass! and we have the

Gravity to determine

how fast this world spins

in and out of rhythm.

weaving a warrior, I strip twine

from my fallen Trees,

threading a needle made

from my broken bones.

take a breath, tie a knot,

going under, getting over,

coming through…

woven around my core.

story stitches pulled together

by small, strong hands

into tools that carry, catch

bind and hold.

we are not resilient, no.

we are warriors taking shape.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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