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14 they watch (INSIGHT)

they watch (insight) by S. Kian-Judge & the Bunbal (Tree) community of Blaxland Ridge 2021


by Night, a circle

of warrior Trees rattle

young Spears against

seasoned Bark.

they watch...

flicker of a wisp of


moving there amongst

them, see?

they watch! the Trees

are talking, moving,

alive with their

Spirit people.

they whisper...

sucking songs up from

undisturbed yarns in

in the deep below,

touching them with

fingerey Root tips,

breathing damp voices

into the windy sway

of branching hands.

Eucalypts caress

the Sky,

remembering memories

in Star Ochre blown

onto the Night.

they watch.

gigantic and hidden,

standing trunk to

canopy -

old Aunty there,

old Uncle over here,

Spirit faces of Trees,

peering out,

looking down

right into us.

they watch...

her eyes are on me -

"I know you," she sings

through the Breeze,

it's path pulling

Rivers of Bats from

this heart into her

blossoming hair.

we are connected.

eyes close to fly

with them, to sway

with her, to dream.

still, they watch.

hear her creaking,

groaning bones as

she dances the

Tree songs bare,


gnarled old hand

reaches, dropping a

Gum Leaf touch

on me with

Raindrop splatters.

every sparkling bead

is alive with stories,

soaking into dry,

thirsty skin.

they watch.

hidden amongst

the Leaves -

Grandmother faces,

Grandfather faces,


by Night, Bats, Stars,

and circles of warrior

Trees crawling with

Shadow people.

always, they watch.

they watch.

they watch.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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