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13 sparrow-hawk (VIGILANCE)

sparrow-hawk (vigilance) by S. Kian-Judge & Biburnungga (brown sparrow-hawk) 2021

keep watch

little Sparrowhawk,

don't glare at

the world like your

Goshawk brother.

look upon it all

with eyes open

wide in surprise

and wonder.

keep watch

little Sparrowhawk,

even when the

Currawongs sing so


today, they sang

Kookaburra to sleep,

tearing her apart

wing from wing.

keep watch

little Sparrowhawk,

over lazy Plains

drenched in quiet


warming Ground

sighs a rising breath -

something's coming

and it's time to soar.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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