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10 perspective (REFLECTION)

perspective (reflection) by S. Kian-Judge, Waagura (Crow) & Lapstone Creek 2021

River Stone held to heart,

polished with years of tears,

the flow of moody Water.

always said, "this River got

attitude!" Water-tude.

River reflects Sky

reflects River...

when I'm upside down,

down is up, I'm dropping

Rocks into Clouds.

weight of Stone pushes

breath deep down into


sinking Spirit higher

into altitude.

heavy Stone lifting

Gravity in reverse, reversing

Gravity of the situation,

pulling me up past toes

onto bare feet again.

Crow watches over there...

guttural chuckles bubbling

into rapid Water voices.

he's not getting wet

today, no way!

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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