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1 after the Flood (DEATH)

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

after the flood (death) by S. Kian-Judge & Dyarubin River 2021

trauma is a River

after the Flood has raged

through, devastating

the life in its path.

the Waters subside.

the River calms, welcomes.

everything seems okay.

but it's not.

the force of it remains.

years later, mighty Trees

still lay uprooted, bent over,

smashed to pieces.

debris is everywhere.

this River I know doesn't

look like herself anymore,

she has a new face.

the old River will never

be seen again - parts of her

have washed away.

some of her animals drowned.

but some parts of her

survived - the high Ground,

the deep Roots,

the strongest of her intact.

Birds return… slowly.

Rapids sing in changed tones.

new paths are carefully

trusted under foot.

same River, but different.

forever changed; no going back.

only moving forward from

what She has become.

we died that night.

drowned with the animals.

now watch how we

are reborn.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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