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8 tall shadow (STRENGTH)

tall shadow (strength) by S. Kian-Judge & her Murandjanyan (shadow) 2021

one day that is really

too many days and

too many times,

men made me feel

danger. not all,

but too many to not

jump at Shadows.

so I try to remember

the times when

my shadow is strong

against the odds.

I fight for Bats.

I pull their broken bodies

from barbed wire and

Cat’s jaws.

they live in my home

until they heal.

I whisper well-wishes to

my winged sisters and

brothers as they fly

from hand to home.

I fight for different minds.

statistically, I shouldn’t

have made it here.

red raw nails from

the clawing climb

shoot spectrum

Rainbows to stun

when I point out

what’s upside down.

I fight for Mob.

digging heels in behind

blak Shield walls

instead of the ones

put on display.

little piles of Country

gather around

bare-foot warriors,

bolstering our strong

stance as we hold

the line.

I fight for Country.

because really… what’s

the point of fighting

For anything else?

listen to the Birds,

at home in their songs.

rhythm seeps from

every thread of Her

body, the one

urgent cause we all

have in common.

I fight for my dreams.

a decade ago, I lived in

a building as abandoned

as me. shaken hollow.

animals came to live

in those empty spaces,

made me their home.

come so far now,

dreaming better so

my bub won’t live

what I have.

not all warriors fight wars;

some fight to survive.

this some-human world

isn’t made for us all.

but that world won’t last,

crumbling slowly under

changing Tides,

coming Storms.

though I fall down,

make no mistake:

my Shadow falls tall.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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