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18 Eagle cam hatching (EMERGING)

Eagle cam hatching (emergence) by S. Kian-Judge & Sea Maliyan (Sea Eagle) 2021

Sea Eagles are

born twice:

once from Mother,

once from Egg

as though the pain

of her bearing is

learned, respected

in the pain of

tiny legs pushing,

push, push,

pushing down

the barriers,

the safety walls,

the drip feed yolk.

this time, baby chick,

you gotta work

for it yourself –

get to know

your own strength

and want to live.

Mother and Father

called before

you came, singing

you from the Egg.

we’ve been waiting

so patiently!

overwhelming as

the shell falls from

your beautiful face,

eyes meeting Sky

for the first time.

welcome to the

world, new little

Sea Eagle.

look at you, just

look at you!

always knew you

were in there;

always knowing

you are out there,

right now…

a thought to

hold onto.

Country is singing

welcome songs

into your ears.

push, push, push

yourself free

little Sea Eagle,

tumble into the

world with wet

wings wanting to

soar! but that’s

tomorrow’s dream…

hard work

being born twice,

so tonight snuggle

into Mothers warm

Feathers and the

fresh, clean

Eucalyptus Leaves

of your tall Nest.

*Poems and artworks by Sara Kian-Judge 2021

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