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Respectfully, I listen to these unceded lands, waters and skies now called 'Australia'.

I sing out to my Ancestors and Country to guide me to listen with my senses & spirit.

This always was and always will be Aboriginal Country.

about Sara

My creative practice is influenced by my autism & mixed Aboriginal-European cultural connections to the non-human beings, forces, and places of Country.


Unafraid of the dark, controversial, & unusual, my work blends diverse worldviews & philosophies into complex, messy, multi-layered creations in service of marginalised people & places.


what i do

  • multi-sensory & multi-media art

  • immersive/participatory experiences

  • hand-drawn illustration

  • comic writing & illustration

  • sound art

  • poetry

  • storytelling

  • pyrography

  • collage

  • digital media

  • tattoo design

  • community art projects

  • nature-based materials & methods

being of service

My art is grounded in ethics. Everything I do is in service to those whose voices get lost in all the noise. 


I am committed to advocating for the recognition of personhood for all beings, abilities, cultures, and species.​

Banggu woven in watercolours by S. Kian-Judge
Banggu woven in watercolours by S. Kian-Judge


Please feel free to get in touch to commission artworks. You can also support my work and stay in the loop by following  me on social media.

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